When you’re tempted with cash…. how good are your listening skills?

Tune in to 101.1 BIG FM from September 5 to September 29 for your chance to win cash!

Listen for the cue to call, when you hear it be the 10th caller through to 705-739-4101 to take a crack at guessing what the Secret Sound is.

We’ll play an audio clip of a Secret Sound, and you have to call in to guess what it is!

If you guess what the sound is exactly, you’ll win $101 OR MORE!

How exact do you have to be?  Very!  For example “a door” may not be exact enough.  “A bus door closing” would be.

If you get it wrong, we’ll carry the cash over to the next contest play. For every wrong answer, the pot grows by $101 dollars. We’ll also carry over the sound until it is identified!

Keep listening for your chance to play – and you could win BIG!

This week’s Secret Sound on air:

Wrong guesses so far:

  • amp feedback
  • waterfall
  • things being thrown into recycling bin
  • printer
  • bowling ball hitting pins
  • gutter ball
  • wooden roller coaster
  • cord retracting in vacuum cleaner
  • something tumbling in dryer
  • bowling ball rolling down a bowling alley
  • coin operated pool table

Each week, we’ll upload a new Secret Sound exclusive to online players. You can submit your guess once every 24 hours!

New sounds will be posted at 9am each Monday.  After 9am, one entry with the correct answer will be randomly selected from all correct answers, and be contacted directly by our Promotions Department. The correct answer and winner selected will win $250!

Here is this week’s Secret Sound: 

Please note:

You must be 18 or older to play & win The BIG FM Secret Sound.

On air –  Listeners can also only win money ONCE.

Online – Listeners can only win an online prize ONCE.

YES – you can win with each of these contests once.

These contests do not fall under our standard 30 day contest policy.

Winners must wait a minimum of 5 business days before picking up their prize to allow us time to process their winnings, all prizes must be picked-up within 30 days. Listeners will be called when their prize is ready for pickup.